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* About Patricia-Lynn

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After gaining experience for six years in the field working for other people in the interior design industry, Patricia-Lynn decided it was time to go out on her own. In August of 1996 she started her own design company called Multi Dimensional Designing Services, Inc. The name was picked strategically to be reflective of the many layers of subtlety and complexity that go into bringing an idea for creating space into form and fruition.

Patricia-Lynn has been a lifelong student for many years studying many philosophies and metaphysical studies as they relate to our life and the space we create to live in. In her work she incorporates principles of feng shui, sacred geometry and sacred architecture synthesized with her intuitive ability to sense and read energy when working on any project to masterfully manipulate it for optimal results. These skills are demonstrated by Patricia-Lynn arranging the layout of any room or any space planning with acute attention to the flow and atmosphere created by the placement, size of any object, color, texture, natural light, relative to the size of a room, windows, traffic patterns and entry points.  Careful application of these attributes always results in a renewal of existing spaces  bringing parts of the house alive and welcoming that were previously dormant.  Usually, these spaces are at last utilized to their fullest potential for the first time increasing the useable square footage of the house that just used to be museum space.  Rooms get reinvigorated, repurposed and used happily by their occupants.

Patricia-Lynn has been a professional member of ASID, the American Society of Interior Designers, since 2001. She is also a NCIDQ certified, number 016882, interior designer.  Patricia-Lynn is a graduate from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

* Licensed Real Estate Agent and Certified Leasing Agent


* Annual art sale fund raiser for The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

One of the other things I love doing is combining  the joy and appreciation of original art ownership along with my eagerness to being a humanitarian and helping people.  Every spring I reach out to a greater audience and hold a public art sale benefit for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.  It is an opportunity to invite as many people as possible to attend and be exposed to art they wouldn’t otherwise see or have the chance to buy.  It is a time when my art dealer from New York City brings his treasure trove of many original art selections for review and purchase for a greater cause.  It is a unique and rare opportunity to see a mobile art gallery from the heart of New York City.  It is a win-win situation with affording people an opportunity to find something special for their homes and benefiting someone in need through the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.  The event is a great introduction to original art for the person making their first purchase of original art to the experienced collector.  I often find that once the original artwork is hung in your home, it seems to be the factor that makes the whole home feel complete, even when many other layers are done.  Please check for the dates of the upcoming shows.  We would love to see you there.  Bring your friends too!

* Paint Color Consultant for the PPG Voice of Color Program

Color is the of expressing personality, atmosphere, emotion, and spaciousness.

Color is affected by Light and can create a feeling of sound.  Colors are the building blocks and magic tools of our tangible reality with endless possibilities.   Color is energy and creation in motion.

Color, shape, and proportion are the essential trinity of expressive design laid out in the architectural foundational.  Color is a key component in the creation of a space.

It is also a fascinating art form to work with.  It can evoke emotion and create the feeling of space.  It is heard as the “Voice of Color”.  I have witnessed countless times the dramatic change just changing the wall color in a home can bring.