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Pat Good is a Space Creationist.  She is an ASID, NCIDQ Certified, Professional Interior Designer with over 23 years of experience. As a Space Creationist, she uses her unique talents as an Interior Designer and combines holistic energy design, Sacred Geometry, and the essence of Feng Shui to create beautiful, supportive, aligned homes and spaces that uniquely reflect and serve their owners. Pat works with home owners, business and corporations to create the highest possible alignment, expression, expansion and flow of energy to empower individuals, teams and businesses.

I believe that when we feel at home where we live, we are more able to feel at home within ourselves. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are affected by our home environment and also our work environment. Where one chooses to live and how one sets up their home typically is a reflection of themselves in some way. Recognizing this can be very insightful and liberating to discover how the energetic dynamic in the home is representing something for you. Overcoming or defusing an issue can be accelerated by fixing the problem in the home; therefore, adding supportive energy to that particular area of your life.

Life is a dance, a constant interaction of energy, a constant movement of forces described as wind and water. Just imagine for a minute the power of wind; sometimes you barely feel it, sometimes it nudges you and lets you know it’s around, then there are times when it seems angry like it is yelling at you and pushing you along, and other times it is just wanting your attention. Just imagine water for a minute how it can be in constant movement, trickling, overflowing, or it can be stagnated, and if there is too much of it, you can drown or it can make you wet and ruin your day. Our lives are governed by these forces that are described as Feng Shui, literally translated as wind and water. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of creating balance and harmony of these energies.

In my work, I focus on creating balance and harmony of this energetic interaction that is the essence of Feng Shui that permeates everyone’s life, creating an alignment between you and your home or business.  I harness my intuitive nature and creative talents to bring flow, balance, ease, beauty and function to any project I work on.  Surrounding yourself in every enviroment with stuff that has high frequency energy and  being in a place where  the layout of the space and everything in it  is designed very specifically attuned with sacred geometry and the optimal flow of energy and you is worth it, because it pays off in so many ways.   It will help your life unfold with grace and ease.  Things that might have been bothersome in the past fall away and you forget about them because your life is now working in new ways.  Living in a home that is energetically aligned with you creates a backdrop to help you to raise your consiousness and expand into higher levels of awareness; levels of awareness that will put you into the flow of life of infinite expansion because now you are not shackled by stagnant and problemsome energy in your home.  As your levels of consiousness increase, so will your experience of everything that you see with your eyes  and feel with your heart.  You will notice things that you never did before.  You will have a new appreciation of life, because now things are more effortless and enjoyable, and your surroundings sparkle and delight you with their beauty and ease.  You will become more attuned to the things that are around you and chances are good that life will become a joyful adventure for you!

These principles not only apply to the home, but they also apply to businesses.


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