Art Brought To You

* Affordable original art in home showings

Patricia-Lynn offers special in home affordable original art showings several times a year when coordinated with her art dealer from New York City, Edelman Fine Arts, coming to Pittsburgh with incredible selections of one of kind original artworks from all around the world.  Patricia-Lynn and her visiting New York art dealer, Walter Edelman bring the art gallery to your house to give you a private showing for you only; or, invite as many friends as you would like to gather.  Even groups of people are welcomed and encouraged.  It’s fun to share the love of art with family, friends  and associates.  Call Patricia-Lynn to learn about the benefits  for you of creating a small group of people for an affordable original art gathering hosted by you. 

Walter always has offerings of many different sizes and styles of paintings in all price ranges.  It is truly a delight to have an in-home art showing.  Walter Edelman represents some of the world’s best and most sought after artists with a captivating presentation explaining each artists’ biography, style, and history.  It is like having an art docent for your very own art showing offering a treasure trove of selections  that will inspire you and bring you many years of enjoyment when you claim one for your walls.  You get to see firsthand how the art will look in your house by immediately trying different paintings in the areas needing something on the wall.  In doing so, you get to see how quickly a painting can immediately affect a room by completing a room even when you thought the room was done.  There is something about the energy of original artwork hanging in a space that affects the caliber of the space by raising the bar several notches undeniably. 

I invite you to find out for yourself how a new piece of original art can magnetize a room with its magic.  Original art is a delight to be enjoyed by all; from getting your first original piece of artwork to becoming a  novice then an experienced collector.  Once you have been exposed to owning original art and see the difference it makes in your home, it is easy to become a seasoned collector of fine original art enjoying the ambience it brings to your home. In the event there isn’t the “one” painting that strikes you from the collection during the art showing, there is always the possibility of getting your choice of subject matter specially commissioned for you.  Please see the commissioned pieces  that were painted by Vitali, a Russian artist.  Firstly, a wonderful scenic of the sacred mountain Arunachala in Southern India for the Tyma’s entryway shown in the video.  Secondly, another client’s children that were photo realistic!