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  • Home or building completely designed from ground up starting from your concept and created in alignment of individual or group energy
  • Every room and space of the home or business recreated in alignment of individual or group energy
  • Assistance in selecting the best property to build on
  • Deliberate space planning to optimize energy flow on any project type
  • Deliberate selection and combining of all components that create a room or space for a harmonious synthesis and energy flow
  • Your stuff rearranged in your rooms for better energy flow
  • Specific measurements used that are auspicious
  • Specific sacred geometry proportions applied
  • Essence of feng shui principles applied
  • Essence of yin and yang integrated into room and space purpose and function in all expressions
  • Problem solving of current energy blockages in the home
  • Sacred and sacred geometry symbols integrated when possible to amplify energy of rooms and spaces
  • Landscaping design/flower gardens
  • walkway designs
  • Exterior design and updates
  • Emf protection products
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Pat is a creator, manifest specialist. If what is needed for your project does not already exist in the open marketplace, Pat will create it, design it, and find a way to bring it into fruition.

Pat works local and long distance.  If you are long distance, through today’s technology and Skype, we will work out the best possible way to work on your project.  Please contact me with a description of your project and budget requesting my Long Distance Project Guidelines.

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  • Spaces stylized from the things that you like and bring you joy
  • Appropriate atmosphere in each room created that warms the heart
  • A combination of items carefully selected that are steeped with meaning
  • Interiors created that make you feel you are at home now
  • Radiant combinations of color combining to enliven interior on all color schemes
  • All components that complete a room from beginning to end supplied
  • Flooring of all types; hardwood, tile, oriental rugs, carpet
  • Architectural details, fantastic selection of trim mouldings
  • Paint colors
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Furniture layout and selection
  • Artwork, accessories and lamps
  • One of a kind unique window treatment designs by Pat
  • Custom bedding
  • Custom designed furniture by Pat
  • Kitchen cabinets and complete kitchen remodel
  • Bathroom cabinets and complete bathroom remodel
  • Closets
  • Fireplaces
  • Garages